A History Of The United States

Cecil Chesterton

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"The pedigrees of our county families, arranged in diagrams on the pages of county histories, mostly appear at first sight to be as barren of any touch of nature as a table of logarithms. But given a clue--the faintest tradition of what went on behind the scenes, and this dryness as of dust may be transformed into a palpitating drama. More, the careful comparison of dates alone--that of birth with marriage, of marriage with death, of one marri­that marri­age, birth, or death with a kindred marriage, birth, or death--will age, often effect the same transformation, and anybody practised in raising images from such genealogies finds himself unconsciously filling into the framework the motives, passions, and personal qualities which would appear to be the single explanation possib­qualities possib­le of some extraordinary conjunction in times, events, and per­le per­sonages that occasionally marks these reticent family records."

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