Abraham's Fight The Turkish - Islamic Case

Ahmet Reyiz Yılmaz

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Ahmet Reyiz Yilmaz, Turkish Businessman, Politician and Middle East Expert. Yilmaz graduated from Anatolian University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences department of Economics, he attended many education programs abroad to get certificates of Economics and Business Management. January 23, 2013 together with his intellectual leadership, he established Conservative Rise Party, and this party took place in Turkish politics as the newest party. As a result of being in Israel for such a long time, he made considerable contribution to the two countries' relationship. He worked for the recovery of the Turkish and Ottoman possessions to the Turkish culture. The surroundings of Jerusalem, the city of Beersheba together with the construction of Tiberia-made Turkish cemetery, in the city of Yafo the Ottoman Government building which was used in 1917 and which was devastated by the British, he also restored this historical building and provided it to be served as a museum in its old condition. "...With the aim of providing support for the Peace of Israel-Palestinian depending on Jerusalem, he sponsored and pioneered an establishment of a football club which consists of half of the Muslim-Palestinian while the other half are Israeli-Jewish athletes. With the aim of a contribution to the peace of the civilizations, together with the right ground and the idea that it is an essential element to understand the Turkish-Islamic case he wrote Abraham's Fight , The Turkısh - Islamıc Case. "Ahmet Reyiz Yilmaz is married and has four children; he has an advanced knowledge of English and Jewish."

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