Activating 1001 Academic Words with CD-ROM

Keith Burgess

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Academic Words
is an intensive resource an Complete Method for acquiring a practical and effective high-level word vocabulary. It is recommended for all candidates who need a strong score in English language examinations, and is especially suitable for students angaged in undergraduate or postgraduate study.

The Method is both simple and enjoyable, and consists of three distinct paris:

- PART I: (on the CD) is your introduction to the 1001 SUPERWORDS AND PHRASES. You leam how to use thenı in various contextx. There are twenty-five (25) lessons, each with forty(40) words and one demonstration word.

Once you have leamt the words of a lesson, you can choose to review them with the optional REVISION and EXTENSION exercises. You can also revise at a lazer date.

- PART 2: (on the CD) is your opportunity to PARAPHRASE SENTENCES. Having studied the words of a lesson, extend your understanding and wriuen use of these words and compare with the suggested answer.

The optional SPELLING EXERCISES provide further practice for all the SUPERWORDS AND PHRASES of the lessons.

▪ PART 3: (in this book) is your opportunity to speak the words yoo have studied using SPOKEN WORD PUZZLES with a partner. By answering each puzıle your partner provides - using the lesson words and phrases you have studied - you will soon "own" this language.

Fine tune your PRONUNCIATION of all the SUPERWORDS AND PHRASES from each lesson with the optional exercises.

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