An İntroduction to Turkish Law

For Non-Law Students

Mahmut Yavaşi

Kitap Açıklaması

This book is a draft of a textbook on an Introduction to Turkish Law. Extremely limited number of updated textbook on Introduction to Turkish Law on the book market forced the writer to publish this draft as a book to use it in the lectures delivered by the author. The book briefly deals with:-

The Concept of Law
Sources of Turkish Law
Branches of Turkish Law

Branches of Public Law
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Tax Law
Law of Procedure

Branches of Private Law
Civil Law
Law of Persons
Family Law
Law of Inheritance
Property Law

Law of Obligations
Unjust Enrichment

Commercial Law
Business Enterprise Law
Company Law
Insurance Law

The book is written for those students who study for non-law undergraduate degrees whose native language in not English To make easy to teach & learn, lots of figures included in the book which is not common for law books.

Those ordinary persons who cannot speak Turkish may also get some ideas on Turkish Business Law and those who practice law may realise that Turkish Law is not considerably different from the laws of the European countries.

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