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The editio princeps of the works of Archimedes with the commentaries of Eutocius was brought out by Hervagius (Herwagen) at Basel in 1544. D. Rivault (Paris, 1615) gave the enunciations in Greek and the proofs in Latin somewhat retouched.

The Arenarius (Sandreckoner) and the Dimensio circuli with Eutocius's commentary were edited with Latin translation and notes by Wallis in 1678 (Oxford). Torelli's monumental edition (Oxford, 1792) of the Greek text of the complete works and of the commentaries of Eutocius, with a new Latin translation, remained the standard text until recent years; it is now superseded by the definitive text with Latin translation of the complete works, Eutocius's commentaries, the fragments, scholia, etc., edited by Heiberg in three volumes (Teubner, Leipzig, first edition, 1880-1; second edition, including the newly discovered Method, etc., 1910-15).

Of translations the following may be mentioned. The Aldine edition of 1558, 4to, contains the Latin translation by Commandinus of the Measurement of a Circle, On Spirals, Quadrature of the Parabola, On Conoids and Spheroids, The Sandreckoner. Isaac Barrow's version was contained in Opera Archimedis, Apollonii Pergœi conicorum libri, Theodosii Sphœrica, methodo novo illustrata et demonstrata(London, 1675). The first French version of the works was by Peyrard in two volumes (second edition, 1808). A valuable German translation, with notes, by E. Nizze, was published at Stralsund in 1824. There is a complete edition in modern notation by T. L. Heath (The Works of Archimedes, Cambridge, 1897, supplemented by The Method of Archimedes, Cambridge, 1912).

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