Armenians in Turkey 100 Years Ago With the Postcards from the Collection of Orlando Carlo Calumeno (2 Cilt Takım)


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The first volume of this book was introduced to the reader with an exhibition called Sireli Yeghpayrs (My Dear Brother) in 2005. The exhibition became one of the most visited § exhibitions in recent years and was later held in several cities abroad including Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, London and Yerevan. Now, by publishing this second volume of the book, we again look at the life of Armenians who lived in these lands a hundred years ago in the company 900 additional postcards. The majority of the postcards were issued between 1900 and 1914, and they show the cities, quarters and villages in which Armenians lived, and the Armenian churches, monasteries, schools and firms or the missionary establishments founded for Armenians. In the book there are a great deal of postcards produced or photographed by an Armenian, posted to or by an Armenian and bearing Armenian writings or the cachets of the sender or a related establishment.


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