Association Football and How To Play It

John Cameron

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"Goalkeepers, like poets, are born, not made. It is really the most difficult position on the field to occupy. If the half-back makes a mistake it can be rectified by the man behind him, but if the goalkeeper makes a blunder it is fatal. It is the one position on the field that I have never occupied, and I never had any desire to figure there. My ideal for that position would be a man who stood six feet and weighed at least thirteen stone, with an eye as keen as that of a hawk. He must be able to divine where and when the opposing forward is about to shoot. All the great goalkeepers have been of a fearless disposition, practically throwing themselves at the ball, even at the risk of receiving a kick from the attacking forward. Fearlessness is undoubtedly a tremendous asset in the making of a great goalkeeper. He must also have a perfect understanding with his backs, and they must trust him infinitely, which makes his responsibility all the greater."

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