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" When, some two years ago a collection of Atlantic essays was offered to the public, it was the editor 's idea that this volume should be, to use the current phrase, a kind of permanent exhibit of the character and quality of The Atlantic. In these hurr ying days, even the sedatest of magazines must quicken its pace to keep abreast of the marching world, and much that is most ser viceable in The Atlantic during its appointed life dies at the heart when a new number brings fresh interests to men's minds. But a residue there is, no more useful at the time, perhaps, than much which perishes, but which evidently ought to have such length of days as the covers of a book can ensure for it. The experiment was made with the first volume of Atlantic Classics, composed of sixteen essays, by as many authors, all dealing with topics of more than temporar y interest. The success of this book, which has been many times reprinted, outstripped anticipation; more than that, it assumed a character quite unlooked for, and proceeded, on its own account, to introduce itself into the curricula of colleges and high schools throughout the countr y, welcomed, as the editor is credibly informed, by students as well as by teachers."

Lev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy Kitapları

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