Breast Cancer İn Turkey

An Analysis of 20.000 Patients

Vahit Özmen

Kitap Açıklaması

Dear readers,

By the time, I started to get interested in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, reliable cancer statistics were not available in our country. Whether in topics addressing diagnosis, treatment or follow-up in breast cancer, we had been obligated to observe and refer to the works of scientists from developed countries only. The book in your hand is trying to resolve the paucity of significant records in this field by presenting statistical analyses of results from data of 20000 patients from our registry program which is completed its tenth year.

Dear readers, we believe that this work is brought to you with great effort and commitment and will hold a significant place in national and international scientific arena. We would like to emphasize in this context that the primary indicator of achievement for us will be the scientists in our country sharing this data among other national and global scientists.


- Prof. Dr. Vahit Özmen

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