Carpe Diem

Seize The Day Set Yourself Free

Aşkım Kapışmak
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We lose ourselves in between what precedes and what is to come. We store our memories on one side and dreams on the other, as though proliferating them could make us happy. But we only find ourselves lost. We seek a place for ourselves. We try to buy yesterday and today from the passage of time. We seesaw constantly between the past and the future. But we only rent a place. We are not the owners of our schemes. They are either over or have not yet begun.

More than anything we are in the present. More often than not, we fail to realize it.

Forget about the past and future. With Carpe Diem, discover that the truth lies in the Now: the present moment... Stop being driven away from the present and break the shackles of the past and present. In Carpe Diem, not only does Aşkım Kapışmak share with you the effective methods from his sessions as a counselor, but also ways to efficiently manage your time.

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