Collins Workplace English 2 with CD and DVD

James Schofield

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Paperback. Pub Date: 2012 Pages: 128 Publisher: Harpercollins Reference Do you want to communicate confidently.A in English at work Learn English with Tom Field. a project manager at Lowis Engineering He attends meetings. Gives short Presentations for Participates is in video and phone conferences and writes emails for different business situations. In the Workplace English 2 self-study pack you can follow Tom's daily life at his office and learn the English you need for your everyday work. * Watch or listen to Tom to learn the language of business * Have fun with practice activities * Use the key phrases in your own work life Units cover: Giving presentations. Assigning tasks. Teleconferencing. Video conferencing. Emailing. Conducting small talk Twelve videos featuring different business situations Audio includes conversations and exercises Full colour book with 24 units an...


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ISBN: 9780007460557
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