Come On Everyone SB 4 With DVD ROM + MP3 CD + Theater Reader

Amy Gradin, Lisa Young

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Come On, Everyone! is a six-level coursebook series that gives elementary school students a confident start to learning English. It is designed to help students start speaking English by teaching their basic reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.

Giving students a confident start to learning English, Come On, Everyone inspires students to develop 21st century skills with task-based activities and vivid illustrations.


• Creative individualized activities, projects, and presentations provide great opportunities for students to practice on their own and with each other.
• Story-making activities enable students to utilize their creativity by personalizing cartoons or reading passages from the student book.
• CLIL lessons contain culture tips and useful information about subjects relevant to students, preparing them for the real world.
• Chants and songs take advantage of the natural aid of rhythm to help students memorize and practice key vocabulary and expressions.
• Reader's theater storybooks provide creative opportunities for class discussion and decision-making as students choose between two possible endings and perform the stories to increase their language proficiency.

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