Congress of Education in the İslamic Countries: Du Congres Sur L'education Dans Les Pays İslamiques

Muharrem Hilmi Özev

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Among the 57 Islamic countries, there are the ones that can compete with the most developed countries of the world in many fields as well as the ones that can not display any development mark. Today we have to know closely the educational institutions and processes in these countries from preschool period to post-university education. It is known that the difference among these countries is based on the importance given to the education.

At this point, our duty is to bring up generations who have strategic vision and who use existing resources in a most practical way, through education. In this context, Turkey is fulfilling one more duty with the mediation of NGOs and under the lead of two institutions, TASAM and ISAV, making contributions to progress of Islamic countries and to discussing new policies.

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