Cultural Policy and Management (KPY) Year Book 2011

Deniz Ünsal

Kitap Açıklaması

This issue's dossier, ‘Heritage for Society', confirms the extent to which cultural heritage is intertwined with everyday life in Turkey and throughout the world. The dossier underlines this new approach to heritage and aims to highlight related research, projects and assessments. The most recent instrument of this approach to heritage is the ‘Value of Heritage for Society Framework Convention' opened for signature in Faro, Portugal in 2005.

This dossier debates principles, perspectives and ideas brought forth or reinserted by the Convention in four sections: ‘Cultural Heritage Management Research and Assessment', ‘Cultural Heritage between Conflict and Reconciliation', ‘Cultural Heritage in Perspective: A Feature on Roma Lore', and a tribute to Dragan Klaic, by one of his lesser-known articles on heritage. Besides the extensive dossier, the Yearbook also includes the text.


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