Data, Information Knowledge Management

Erdal Şen, Osman Yılmaz, Gözde Mert

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In today's world, information is one of the most important resources in the management of individuals, institutions, societies and systems. When considered in this regard, concepts in the field of management have a more vital value with the development of digitalization and the increase in its domain. At this point, information management stands out and becomes increasingly important. The evaluation of variables such as human, process, structure, technology and culture, which have a very valuable place in the field of management, using data, information and knowledge, emerges as a very important reality.
Relatively increasing competition in economic activities has an important place in determining and implementing strategies of all institutions and organizations, global, national and local.
In order to be sustainable, the design of innovative and creative structures and processes using information management systems and applications forms the foundations of the future ecosystem.
The production and processing and use of information are considered as one of the most important ways of creating value within the scope of the new paradigm emerging as a result of developments in information, communication and production technologies. The ecosystem of the information society comes to life on this basis.
In this study, the application areas of the relevant conceptual framework and different variables are explained in three main sections, which are considered as ‘'data, information and knowledge".
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdal Şen

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