David Copperfield - Stage 6 - İngilizce Hikaye

Charles Dickens

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The story is presented in the first person. David Copperfield tells about his uneasy life from his childhood till the present time in his book. He begins his story from the day of his birth: when his aunt visits his poor widowed mother and then left it angrily afterwards, knowing that a boy was born instead of a girl. David lives very happily with his mother and nurse at first. But then, unfortunately, his mother marries a fierce man whose hatred towards David has no boundaries. Shortly afterwards, his mother dies and he becomes an orphan with unknown future. Nevertheless, he achieves great success, finds good friends and true love in his life. Hard moments are mixed with unforgettable events and emotions. David learns to see life in its true colours and keep his hope in any desperate situation. However unbearable his difficulties may be, he overcomes them desperately and steadily. This story shows us the purity of heart, kindness of soul, power of intentions, and greatness of dreams…

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