Day One Plus... Gallipoli 1915

Hasan Basri Danışman

Kitap Açıklaması

Is the story of how the 27th. Ottoman Infantry Regiment became the first Turkish unit to confront ANZAC´s when they made their initial suprise landing in Gallipoli at dawn on 25 April 1915.
It is largerly based on a first hand account written by Col. Şefik Aker, the commander of that regiment.

The second book of this kind published in English by Denizler Kitabevi of Istanbul it is the result of an effort to produce in a language accessible in most parts of the world, little Known history as lived and died on the Turkish side of a conflicts about which much has been written on the "Other" side.
Like the first book, "Bloody Ridge Diary" of Lt. Mehmed Fasih, "Day One Plus..." has been prepared by H.B. Danışman, enthusiastically supported and assisted by his publisher and friend, Turgay Erol and the latter´s devoted team of Denizler Kitabevi.

In "First Day Plus One..." the reader will discover how this crucial campaign developed on the Turkish side when the Anzac´s came ashore at what is now known as Anzac cove.
This exciting story is lively and realistically described by the best person qualified to do so, i.e. the Turkish field commander directly involved. And it provides full details of the crucial first two days of combat. Thereafter the high points of the campaign follow in broader but striking style.

If it had been possible, in the normal order of things, "Day One Plus..." should have appeared before "Bloody Ridge Diary", which covers the last three months of the Campaign. But "Day One Plus..." was discovered by Turgay Erol after "Bloody Ridge Diary" was well in hand. If you have already read the Diary, now you will have a chance to learn how the start of the campaign was fought by the Turks. You will have no regrets. If you are starting afresh, begin with "Day One Plus..." and then turn to "Bloody Ridge Diary" Taken together the two works will provide you with a vivid picture of the ANZAC phase of the Gallipoli campaign as lived and foughton the Turkish side.

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