Developing Listening Skills 3 +MP3 CD

Casey Malarcher

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The second edition of Developing Listening Skills expands with full color graphics, newly revised topically based listening passages, and enhanced listening activities. This series is suitable for both the classroom and self-study. Throughout the series, Developing Listening Skills progresses from easy to more challenging exercises in order to help facilitate listening comprehension. The exercises combine listening with reading, speaking, and writing tasks to reinforce retention of high-frequency vocabulary and phrases.


Authentic dialogs

Full-color illustrations and photographs to aid comprehension

Supplemental listening activities related to the topics

Listening quizzes and unit exams to check learning progress

Real world listening practice featuring interesting and useful topics

Discussion questions to develop students' speaking and listening abilities

Separate transcripts and answer key

Extra dictation activities available online at

Free MP3 Audio CD included

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