East-West Relations


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This book aims to generate a set of ideas on the East West relations through the prisms of academics and intellectuels from Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina,who had exchanged and discussed their ideas in a conference titled as "The Conference on East West Relations: Past, Present and Future." The Conference was jointly organized by Ramazan Gözen on behalf of the Ankara Center for Thought and Research Center (ADAM) and Ertuğrul Taçgın on behalf of the Inter national University of Sarajevo (IUS), and held in the IUS, Sarajevo, on 14-15 February 2008 with a grant from Turkish International Co operation and Development Agency (TIKA). A set of related issues were discussed from different academic perspectives in two panels and four sessions. The first panel focused on historical and contem porary perspectives or the East-West relations, and the second panel on Bosnia Herzegovina's and Turkey's relations with the European Union, focusing on their integration and membership processes. To this end, the Conference brought together representatives from academia, business community, government, specialized NGOs and think tanks from the region. The book includes 15 chapters which are divided into three subject areas: History, İnternational Politics, and Economics.


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