Ecce Homo

How One Becomes What One Is

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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In late 1888, only weeks before his final collapse into madness, Nietzsche (1844-1900) set out to compose his autobiography, and Ecce Homo remains one of the most intriguing yet bizarre examples of the genre ever written. In this extraordinary work Nietzsche traces his life, work and development as a philosopher,  examines the heroes he has identified with, struggled against and then overcome - Schopenhauer, Wagner, Socrates, Chirst - and predicts the cataclysmic impact of his (forthcoming revelation of all values'. Both self-celebrating and self-mocking, penetrating and strange, Ecce Homo gives the final, definitive expression to Nietzsche's main beliefs and is in every way his last testament.

R.J. Hollingdale's superb translation is lightly annotated to offfer the reader a clean, unobstructed text. This edition contains an introduction by Michael Tanner that highlights both the seriousness and the humour of Ecce Homo, and discusses the work as a demonstration of Nietzche's independence of spirit. The volume also includes a detailed chronology.

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