Enjoy Grammar 1

Mehmet Telli

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Enjoy Grammar 2 is the second of two books. İt has been specially designed for prep-intermediate students working either with a teacher or on theirown.it leads students to a better understanding of grammatical forms and correct use of English, it can be used to supplement any main course book at pre-intermediate level. The book also covers the curriculum for prep-classes that has been published by the Ministry of Education (MEB).Key features:• clear, concise grammar charts that show grammatical forms: positive and negativestatements, yes/no and wh-questions• simple clear grammar explanations and rules through functional examples• a wide range of oral and written exercises to practise new struaures• acractive illustrations help understanding• suitable for both self-study and classroom use• a key to the exercises is available at the back of the booka Progress Tests book is also available for students to measure their progress...

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