Excelling Reading Skills and Vocabulary

Erçin Ayhan

Kitap Açıklaması

Are you afraid of reading nevvspapers, periodicals and magazines in

Is it just the headlines vvhich make you discouraged?

Do you feel and think that you would not understand the stories of a printed medium?


With this systematically designed authentic book, you will practice your reading skills and enrich your vocabulary.

İn this book, there are twenty units ali of vvhich are oriented vvith a unique local story from Turkish Daily Nevvs, country's first and largest English-language daily since 1961.

The stories in each unit vvere picked to lead you learn the target vocabulary in context

The stories are local, and this vvill help you understand, memorize and remember the nevv vvords easily.

Be sure that there are sorme vvords that you should know first! These MUST-KNOW-FIRST VVORDS are most frequently used 2570 VVords. İn this book, you vvill find these 2570 VVords making up 86.64 % of our stories. Be careful HERE! VVe are talking about an understanding vvith a percentage like 87!

So, DO NOT vvaste time, start from the very beginning, the Introduc-tory Unit, and keep going on vvith the follovving ones.


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