Feather Boy (Collins Readers)

Nicky Singer

Kitap Açıklaması

Feather Boy is a compelling, utterly convincing account of young teen life, written in an unforgettable voice

Robert Nobel, the school pariah, triumphs over his own fears and the school bully, in this extraordinary and inspiring tale of self-empowerment, legend and death.

Robert just wants to keep his head down and ignore the bullies at school. But then he is drawn into an unlikely friendship with a strange old lady and a mystery from the past. What is the story behind derelict Chance House? Who was the boy who fell to his death from its window? As Robert discovers the answers, he begins to find something else the strength to face his own life.

The novel presents us with a first-hand account of life as the victim of a school bully, and as such, is ideal for exploration of this important topic, providing opportunities for cross-curricular work in PSHE and Citizenship. However, it also examines such themes as intergenerational relationships, growth and self-belief and overcoming fear. The novel highlights the importance of oral storytelling and history, and provides many wonderful passages for the study of narrative and recount texts.


114,00 ₺
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Kitap Ayrıntıları
ISBN: 9780007154401
Kapak: Ciltli
Kağıt Cinsi: 1. Hamur
Boyut: Normal
Sayfa Sayısı: 288
Ebat: 13,5x20 cm
Ağırlık: 288
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