Gre Premier 2014

With 6 Practice Tests (Bokk + DVD + Online + Mobile)


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- Score-Raising Strategies & Tactics

You'll review critical test concepts and learn methods for every type of question, as well as improve your performance and optimize your stdy time.

- Expert Guidanca form Top GRE Instructors

Get indispensable advice and guidance on how to study most effectively from one of Kaplan's highest rated GRE instructors with video tutorials on DVD.

- Realistic Practice & In-Depth Analysis

Test your skills with additional GRE practice questions through our 500-question Quiz Bank. Also, use insightful analtics and guidanca from Kaplan's exclusive SmartReports technology to identify your strengths and weaknesses and gain the most points in the least amount of time.

- Prep That Goes Where You Go

Take your prep with you with convenient mobile resources for your tablet or phone.

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ISBN: 9781609789367
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