Guided Writing 2 with Workbook

Liana Robinson

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Guided Writing is a three-level series designed to stimulate creativity in young English learners while developing the foundational skills required to write mistake-free sentences and simple paragraphs. The series provides students with exercises and activities centred on modeled writing which allow them to develop their writing and creative thinking skills. The series is based around useful and familiar topics ranging from family to travel. Using a four-step guided-writing process, students learn to write about a variety of topics. Through the study of practical and useful vocabulary and the accompanying activities, students are able to practice all four language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), while building a sound writing foundation.

Familiar and interesting topics
Four sections per unit that present vocabulary, offer practice writing well-structured sentences, develop students' brainstorming abilities, and guide students in writing well-organized paragraphs, respectively
Reading, speaking, and listening activities to increase overall comprehension
Writing samples and strategies relevant to each unit's topic
Guided questions to help students plan and write quality paragraphs
Detachable workbook for extra in-class practice or homework.

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