Handbook Of Water Engineering

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The inition of this book began when I vas lecturing at University of Kwazulu-Natal, Republic of South Afrika. I worked 3 years in South Afrika as a full professor between 2003-2005. It was a dream country for every Northern Hemisphere people during my youth with beautiful White sand beaches and tropical mild climate. One of the reasons could be the apartheid government in which every white people had a privileged position. This was racism of white people. I would not know what imperialism is if I had not lived in South Afrika. One could not believe without living there what poverty they are suffering in. The city I was living in was Durban with 4 million inhabitans on the East Coast facing Indian Ocean. There are Indian origin, Blacks, Boers and White people trying tol ive together with 16 languages in their constitution. They had suffered a lot during apartheid regime. Most of them are still in poverty living in shacks made of cartoon or tin of 10m² houses with no power or runnig water. That is my I decided to dedicate this book to the Blacks and Indians of Republic of South Afrika.

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