Hard Times

Charles Dickens

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"Now, what I want is, Facts... Facts alone are wanted in life." - from Hard Times Like all his other novels, this again is a masterpiece by Charles Dickens, with a delightful and witty narrative showing the inadequacy of an approach to life that emphasizes only the human intellect at the expense of the imagination and feelings of the heart. The hard and poor life conditions in England's cruel and deadly industrial cities is critisized. Charles Dickens also aimed at attacking the failures in education and the wrong-headedness of the educational philosophy in use. In his novel, he deals with family and education, which are shown closely related with a critical analysis of the effect on the growth and learning of the individual. Charles Dickens is definitely one of the most powerful and important English authors, who was able to depict the working class along with all their difficulties in such a way, that everyone had and has to refer to him first before putting ink to paper about this very topic.

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