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Alejandro Bahamon

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n this coffee table catalog of modern variations on the house, Colombian-born, Barcelona-based architect Alejandro Bahamón presents 40 homes by various architects all over the globe, illustrating their innovative building and interior designs with drawings and hundreds of color photographs. Here are a townhouse in Tokyo by Tele-design that is both a residential studio and a commercial café-with two glass walls facing the street-and a classic loft in London by Gregory Phillips Architects. A residence by Guillermo Arias and Luis Cuartes in Honda, Colombia, combines a rehabilitated house and commercial storage building and has echoes of whitewashed colonial haciendas, while an apartment building in Zurich designed by Camenzind Evolution is an elegantly sculptured post-modern edifice covered with glass louvers. The introductory texts and captions are in English, German, and Spanish.

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