Human Sexuality

Alfred Adler

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lndividuals have disturbed this division of labor by refusing to adapt themselves to the place that they must fiil. Further, difficulties have arisen out of the false ambition and power wishes of indivi­duals who have blocked communal life and the communal work for their own egoistic interests. Similarly, entanglements have been caused by class differences in our society. Personal power or economic interest have influenced the division of the field of labor by reserving all the better positi­ons for individuals of certain classes, that is, those affording the greater power, while other individu­als, of other classes, have been excluded from them. The recognition of these numerous factors in the structure of society enables us to unders­tand why the division of labor has never procee­ded smoothly. Forces continually disturbing this division of labor have created privilege for one, and slavery for another.

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