Hunting Dogs

Oliver Hartley

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"Night hunting is a favorite form of hunting sport the continent over. Prime factor of the joyous, though strenuous night quest is the ‘coon, the court jester and wit of the nocturnal tribe of small fur bearers. Owing to the scarcity of other game and general distribution of raccoon the countr y over, ‘coon hunting is gaining in popular favor, winning over many of the wealthy, city-dwelling red bloods who formerly were content with more or less pleasant and successful sallies to the fields in the day-time. Consequently there is an increased demand for properly bred and trained dogs to afford the maximum of success and pleasure in this pursuit. With the ownership of dogs go the care, maintenance and proper methods of handling these willing helpers. Surprising is the meagerness of the information available to the average hunter, though night hunting is an institution as old as the settlement of Jamestown."

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