Irrigation Machines and Technologies

Metin Güner

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Mankind has been trying to feed itself since its first creation. For this reason, people hunt, do agriculture and animal husbandry. Agriculture can be defined as growing plants and animals under-ground and above ground. Continuous increase in the world population increases the importance of nutrition and it is necessary to obtain more products from the unit area for feeding this population. There are seven important techniques to obtain more products from the unit area. These are: Making the best use of soil and water resources, Irrigation, Fertilization, Plant protection, Agricultural mechanization, High quality seed use, and Agricultural education and training. Irrigation is considered to increase agricultural production by 40%. Agricultural mechanization is needed to take the water from the water source to the field and then distribute it to the plant root zone. Agricultural mechanization is a key technology. Pumps, engines, pipe and auxiliary pipe parts are used to bring water to the field. Different methods are used to distribute the water in the field to the plant root area. Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, center pivot irrigation, lateral move irrigation, and drum irrigation are important irrigation methods. Agricultural mechanization machines are used in these irrigation methods. In this book, agricultural machines used in agricultural irrigation are introduced and basic information about their uses and designs are given. The book consists of seven chapters. These are Introduction, Flow of Water in Pipes, Planning of Pipelines, Pumps, Centrifugal Pump Theory, Selection of Pump and Engine, Types of Irrigation Systems.

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