Istanbul (İngilizce)

Sultan of Lands and Seas


Kitap Açıklaması

The cities in which we live, whether our birthplace or our adoptive home, may sometimes remain alien to us. Frequently our lives are narrowly confined to particular parts, even when our families have been familiar with the city and its identity for generations. Istanbul, Sultan of Lands and Seas invites all who live here or are curious about Istanbul to look at the city afresh. A team of selected academics, researchers and writers, each an authority in their field, have contributed to this multi-faceted book, which takes an in-depth look at the beautiful scenery and multicultural structure of this enchanting city, focusing particularly on its cultural history and heritage. Istanbul, Sultan of Lands and Seas is edited by Filiz Özdem and illustrated with photographs by Ali Konyalı that lend a unique visual dimension to the book, revealing places, buildings and details that many of us may never have seen before or passed by without a second glance.

101,85 ₺
Satışta Değil
Kitap Ayrıntıları
Orijinal Başlık: Karaların ve Denizlerin Sultanı İstanbul
ISBN: 9789750817090
Kapak: Ciltli
Kağıt Cinsi: Kuşe
Boyut: Normal
Sayfa Sayısı: 379
Ebat: 225x285 cm
Editör: Filiz Özdem
Çevirmen: Priscilla Mary Işın
Ağırlık: 2009
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