Jane Eyre - Stage 6 - İngilizce Hikaye

Charlotte Bronte

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Jane Eyre is an orphan who lives with her aunt, Mrs Reed, at Gateshead Hall. She is hated and scorned there by her aunt continuously. In addition, Mrs Reed's children never miss the opportunity to beat and humiliate little Jane when possible. Over time, having lost her precious patience, Mrs Reed sends Jane to a charity-school. There Jane does her best to survive in conditions of starvation and cold. Eight years pass in a monotonous way. Jane becomes a good teacher and leaves Lowood to work as a private governess at Thornfield.

Thornfield seems to be a wonderful place, but there are many mysteries hidden in its rooms. Jane is very pleased with her new situation and place of living. Presently, she falls in love with Mr Rochester – the owner of Thornfield who enslaves her heart completely. Their mutual love blossoms in harmony and happiness. But this happiness was not destined to last long. Mr Rochester reveals Jane a horrible secret which destroys her all hopes and dreams. She runs away from Thornfield in order not to see Mr Rochester again in her life. Despite her common sense, she cannot forget Mr Rochester however much she tried. Will she come back to him and save him from self-destruction? Or will she be an independent woman who would never be married? This decision depends on her.

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