Just Speak Up 3

Olga Geissler

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Just Speak Up is a three-part course designed to promote the extemporaneous speaking skills of English language learners. Many standardized tests of English proficiency include speaking components in which students need to talk for several minutes on a given topic in order to demonstrate their level of oral proficiency. Each book in the Just Speak Up series provides instructors with classroom materials to guide students through more than 40 hours of speaking practice. With more than 250 question prompts organized into 40 thematic units in each book, students are bound to find something to talk about in every class period.

Multiple sample responses for questions featured in each unit
Question guides to help students organize their own responses
Pair work and group work activities to keep students active and engaged
Free MP3 Audio CD includes sample responses to model intonation and pronunciation of useful phrases and vocabulary

Benefits for students who practice this type of extensive extemporaneous speaking

Greater confidence at approaching tasks of having to speak on a given topic
Development of critical thinking skills through organizing information to be shared
Development of speaking skills particularly related to detailing personal experience and explaining personal opinions or preferences
Increased classroom participation through listening, responding, and sharing


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