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Following the success of our first book in the area of curriculum development, we are very excited to share with you our second book in the School Development Series of Sabancı University School of Languages: A Practical Guide to Learner Development in an Academic Context: Practices and Processes edited by Esra Gün Alayafi and Neslihan Demirdirek.

We believe that this book is yet another example of how we have collaboratively worked and grown, Creating and Developing Together; the mission of our University and School. For us, learners have always been and shall always be at the heart of instruction with methods and techniques built around learner-centered teaching and more importantly on principles which view learners as individuals with vast potential and a rich repertoire of learning styles and strategies. Having learned so much from and with our learners over the years, we have felt professionally responsible to share all this wonderful learning and experience with other colleagues and institutions.

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