Lets Write B1 From Word To Paragraph

Ali Işık

Kitap Açıklaması

This coursebook offers a new and unique perspective for writing. it does not limit writing only to writing a paragraph or/and an essay but adopts a comprehensive approach offering handy and real writing tasks such as filling in a form, transferring and/or organizing textual information in a different format, completing a chart...

The tasks in the coursebook are also organized from simple to complex and lead students to write and organize their ideas better in a step-wise fashion. it starts with simple form-fılling activities, continues with more demanding tasks until learners are ready to start vvriting essay. With its from easy-to-difficult organization, not forcing students to start writing at the paragraph level from the very beginning, students are likely to develop positive attitudes towards vvriting and even they may enjoy it. it accepts vvriting as an invaluable means of generating (discovering), clarifying, and organizing ideas. With the help of its tasks students focus their attention on the vvriting process and discover, organize and finalize their ideas about certain topics. it adopts the integrated-skills approach and especially emphasizes reading-vvriting connection. it is organized around the vvriting activities of an exchange student thus it tries to capture a thematic organization. it does not any extra activities, in other vvords the activities in the coursebook suffice to make them vvrite better. Thus both teachers and students get rid of the extra load.

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