Listen Up Plus : 1 With Dictation Book +2 CD

Build Up Your Listening Skils

Gabriel Allison, Aaron Siegel, Linda Shin

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Listen Up Plus is a fun and easy 3-level listening course for elementary aged learners of English. In each lesson, colorful characters excite and guide young learners through fun and interesting listening activities. A carefully designed syllabus provides an appropriate structure to allow students to build up their basic listening skills and comprehension. Each Listen Up Plus book has 16 core units and four review units.


  • Colorful illustrations and real photos to engage learners
  • Easy-to-follow lesson flow
  • Fun and friendly characters
  • Practical, everyday topics young learners can relate to
  • Fun and exciting vocabulary and grammar activities
  • Recycling of language to increase retention
  • Personalization activities to increase interest


  • Student Book 1~3
  • Teacher’s Manual 1~3
  • Online
  • Learning Management System
  • Interactive e-Book for Classroom Use
  • Additional Activities & Assesments
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