Listening Season 2 with Workbook

Rebecca Cant

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Temel ve Orta-alt seviyede İlköğretim öğrencileri için tasarlanmış, kurgusal ve kurgusal olmayan dinlemelerden oluşan öğrencilerin dinleme ve konuşma becerilerini geliştirmek ve güçlendirmek için tasarlanmış üç kitaptan oluşan dinleme serisinin 2. kitabı, çalışma kitabı ve tapescripti.

Listening Season is a three-book series designed for high-beginner to low-intermediate learners. This entertaining and informative series is composed of a balance of fiction (Story listening) and non-fiction (Real-life listening) passages, and is based on a range of reality-based topics.

Through this series, learners will acquire essential listening skills as well as integration skills related to writing and speaking.

Listening Season is rooted in a personalized and student-centered approach, and provides learners a comprehensive way to experience listening and speaking in real-life situations.

Warm-up: to introduce new words and phrases and previews the unit topics
Listening Task: to provide strategies for selecting important information
Tips: to present key expressions and vocabulary prior to listening
Talk It Over: to give follow-up speaking activities using key expressions
Story Listening: to help students become familiar with the topic and examine the themes in more depth. Each topic is selected with the intent to generate high interest in learners
Real-life Listening: to provide students a chance to practice real-life listening situations, including news, announcements, schedules, plans, advices, suggestions, speeches, and lectures
Wrap-up Activities: to use listening dictation to review key expressions and vocabulary items from the unit
Unit Test & Review Test

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