Listening Season 2 With Workbook + MP3 CD (2nd Edition)

Justin Fager, Laura Tunstall Hayes, Mia Miller

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Listening Season is a three-book series designed for high-beginner to low-intermediate learners. This entertaining and informative series is composed of a balance of fiction (Story listening) and non-fiction (Real-life listening) passages, and is based on a range of reality-based topics.

Through this series, learners will acquire essential listening skills as well as integration skills related to writing and speaking.

Listening Season is rooted in a personalized and student-centered approach, and provides learners a comprehensive way to experience listening and speaking in real-life situations.   

Warm-up: to introduce new words and phrases and previews the unit topics

Listening Task: to provide strategies for selecting important information

Tips: to present key expressions and vocabulary prior to listening 

Talk It Over: to give follow-up speaking activities using key expressions

Story Listening: to help students become familiar with the topic and examine the themes in more depth. Each topic is selected with the intent to generate high interest in learners

Real-life Listening: to provide students a chance to practice real-life listening situations, including news, announcements, schedules, plans, advices, suggestions, speeches, and lectures

Wrap-up Activities: to use listening dictation to review key expressions and vocabulary items from the unit

Unit Test & Review Test     

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