Listening Success 2 with Dictation + MP3 CD

Garrett Byrne

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Listening Success is a five-book series designed to help elementary and early middle school students improve their English listening comprehension. A wide variety of topics are covered, reinforcing language patterns typically used in everyday situations as well as familiarizing students with common phrases and expressions. Full-color photos and illustrations accompany the activities for each listening exercise, providing helpful visual cues to enhance the learning experience. Multiple dialogs are used within each unit to supply variations on the main theme, and each unit concludes with a text to consolidate learning objectives.

Key Features

Natural dialogs in everyday settings

Common expressions and phrases

Full-color photographs and illustrations to aid comprehension

A variety of exercises to accompany the audio tracks

Tests which allow students to check their progress

Accompanying dictations book to help students further enhance their listening abilities

Free MP3CD includes additional dictation

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