Little Wolf’s Book of Badness (First Modern Classics)

Ian Whybrow

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A new edition of the first novel about Little Wolf as he is sent to Uncle Bigbads Cunning College to learn the nine rules of badness. Now published into the First Modern Classics list, fantastic stories for young readers.

All Little Wolf wants to do is stay at home with Mum and Dad and Baby brother Smellybreff. Instead hes packed off to Cunning College to learn the 9 Rules of Badess and earn his Gold BAD Badge from his wicked Uncle Bigbad. He sets off on his journey, sending letters home as he adventures in the big wide world,

Little Wolfs Book of Badness won an U.K.R.A. award for making an oustanding contribution to childrens literacy; the Birmingham Childrens Book award and the prestigious Di Cento prize in Italy for the best childrens book of the year. It has been translated into ten different languages.

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ISBN: 9780007317349
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