Magic Adventures - 4 : Dark’s Africa - Level 3

Casey Kim, Jaehwan Jung, Jason Wilburn

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Magic Adventures is a fun-to-read set of comic readers offering key English learning skills. Readers will find themselves learning new vocabulary, experiencing important grammar structures in a natural context, and sharpening their reading skills all while having fun reading exciting stories. Magic Adventures readers are written especially for EFL/ESL learners with the goal of making reading fun.

This series of graded readers contains three levels, each with six volumes for A1-A2 EFL/ESL learners.

Magic Adventures introduces Jack, his sister Bella, their mysterious dog Ace, and a strange girl with a number of secrets named Olivia. Join them as they have exciting adventures in school, faraway lands, and around the world. Magic Adventures will prove that reading is fun.

  • Exciting stories with engaging comics
  • Vivid illustrations of the characters and their expressions
  • Useful expressions and new words
  • Activities that strengthen the children's understudying of the stories and key words
  • Audio CD with four different listening and speaking tracks
  • Theme song
  • Story with animated voice actors and vivid sound effects
  • Story with a child voice actor
  • Listen and repeat the story
  • Key words and useful expressions
  • Read on your own or do a roleplay
  • Teacher's Guide

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ISBN: 9788956357614
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Kağıt Cinsi: Kuşe
Boyut: Normal
Sayfa Sayısı: 28
Ebat: 17x225 cm
Ağırlık: 28
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