Moby Dick - Level 5

Herman Melville

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Herman Melville's oceanic masterpiece - English language learners of all ages will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency as they read about Captain Ahab's unwavering obsession with destroying the great white whale Moby Dick and the ultimate fate of the whaleship Pequod. Students and teachers alike will be captivated by this adaptation of one of the greatest works of English literature.

Compass Classic Readers provide beginning and intermediate English language learners accessible adaptations of the greatest works of literature. Carefully designed to retell the stories using vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate for one of six different grade levels.
- Carefully graded, retold-stories using appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure
- Motivating full-color illustrations
- Discussion questions before and after each chapter
- A glossary of key vocabulary words
- A short playlet for fun classroom activities
- An MP3 CD of the full story


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ISBN: 9781599662954
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