Mysteries of Style for Students of Literature

Ömer Şekerci

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It often is a great students' desire to find a book that would serve as a friendly and reliable companion on their way through a field they have just entered and that might seem impenetrable of confusing for the inexperienced. Ömer Sekerci's and Betüre Memmedova'a new contribution to literary stylistics lends them such a helping hand; offering a comprehensive account of literary stylistic devices complemented with a great variety of exercises and sample text analyses, the book present a well-thought-over teaching material which will prove useful both in university seminars and during students' self-study. It is the numerous set of examples and model analyses, drawing upon a wide range of titles from British as well as American literature and a wide range of authors from Shakespeare to Woolf, that makes the book exceptional, as it is something that is usually hard to find and that students nedd most. Last but not least, the readers will certainly appreciate the wat the book is organised, providing systematic end-of-chapter summaries in charts, and the student-friendly, simple but precise languege, which makes the text encouragingly readable for a large student community.

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