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We are honored to bring to you our new book "Newsletter 2016". Since 2010, at the end of each year we compiled the articles that are posted monthly on our website in a book to allow our readers an outlook on the year's key legal developments. This book of articles now published for the seventh year, has attracted growing attention from our clients, business partners and fellow practitioners over the years. While the book was well received by many of the readers, we are highly encouraged to keep the impetus and further develop and expand our work. It is a pleasure to see that the articles are frequently cited in a number of scientific studies and they are now considered reliable academic resources. This gives us pride and even greater motivation. We continued the tradition of the past years for this publication of Newsletter 2016. In 2016, our team wrote on a wide variety of legal disciplines some of which are in new areas of law developed in parallel to meet the needs of the today's business. Further we did not leave out the importance of comparative law and our team researched on the developments in foreign legislations including the European Union. In this seventh book, you will find articles on corporate law issues implementation of which we intend to shed some light on such as abuse of exercise of dominant position in joint stock companies, the concept of "important reason" in share transfer restrictions and the right to request information of the board directors. The increase in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the recent years inspired us to write about our considerable experience both in Turkey and a recent PPP in Ecuador where we acted as advisors from a comparative law perspective. Our team wrote extensively on the much discussed contemporary issues in competition law this year such as the cinema services sector report, passing-on defense and indirect purchaser rule in compensation claims, and price/margin squeezing and decisions of the Turkish Competition Board on the Association of Electricity Distribution System Operators (Elder) and Yemek Sepeti, an online food takeaway company. As a GAR100 listed law firm with a proven track record in international arbitration, it was inevitable for us to write on the landmark decision of Swiss Supreme Court for stay of the arbitration pending compliance with multi-tiered arbitration clause. In 2016, we witnessed a lot of amendments introduced to arbitration rules. Therefore our arbitration team enjoyed writing on Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC) Rules, ICC Rules on expedited procedure and document production requests under the IBA Rules. In energy law, we particularly focused on writing a series of articles on the legislative amendments made in the licensed and unlicensed energy generation facilities and renewables. As customary over the years, we wrote on contemporary issues in capital markets, contract law (law of obligations), labor law and affairs, intellectual property, civil law and bankruptcy and collection litigation as well as tax law. The chapter on Legal Developments provides a global insight into material developments in international agreements, laws, regulations, communiques as well as a synopsis of the decisions of the Turkish Competition Board and the Privatization Authority, and a list of energy legislation made effective in 2016 and extracts of key court precedence. We believe that this last chapter portrays an executive look on legal developments of 2016.

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