Power Content Reading 2 +CD

Elaine Cho, Lucia Barrimore, Nathan Kim

Kitap Açıklaması

The purpose of this three-level reading series is to develop students' reading skills and to familiarize students with the TOEFL ibt. In order to help students achieve their goals, the passages use an array of TOEFL-style activities, such as finding main ideas, inference, finding referents, implied meanings, etc. In addition, the series contains many passages of more traditional reading material, such as articles and stories that use interesting and unusual topics to strengthen students' reading skills through the reinforcement of vocabulary and sentence structure.

  • Upper-level series of Easy Content Reading
  • Longer passages with a wide range of informative topics
  • TOEFL iBT-style questions types
  • Attention-grabbing images that support comprehension
  • Additional summary exercises
  • Reinforcement of vocabulary through the Vocabulary All-in-One review sections
  • Audio CD


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ISBN: 9788956353128
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Ağırlık: 92
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