Putting Pen to Paper

Academic Paragraph Writing

Arif Bakla

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This book is the product of my hands-on experience in EFL vvriting classes at various proficiency levels. Most teachers vvould agree that vvriting is notoriously difficult tor foreign language leamers because it entails not only deep reflection but also accurate and fluent use of the language. Even for teachers vvith comprehensive grammatical and lexical knovvledge, it might prove challenging to "dump their minds on paper," and they might experience vvriter's block at any point in their lives. This book is an endeavour to assist teachers vvho desire to direct leamers tovvards the critical goal of vvriting vvell-developed, coherent, unified and grammatically accurate paragraphs as a majör step in the process of vvriting top-quality essays and other academic texts. To this end, it attempts to help leamers organize their ideas and improve their critical-thinking skills.

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