Read to Reach Workbook 3

Henry John Amen IV

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Read To Reach is a three-level reading skills series designed for low intermediate to intermediate students. This carefully designed reading program particularly focuses on eight fundamental reading skills and strategies for effective reading comprehension. Throughout Read to Reach, students will independently employ the reading skills and strategies they have learned to effectively and accurately analyze the information in each unit and construct its underlying meaning. The abilities gained from Read to Reach will help students improve their English and reach their future academic goals.


1. 8 fundamental reading skills and strategies: Characters, Story Structure, Main Idea & Details,
Compare & Contrast, Sequence, Cause & Effect, Problem & Solution, and Fact & Opinion

2. 20 engaging units cover both real life and school subject content

3. A captivating photo and a semantic map encourage students to actively predict the text

4. Text Talk enables students to interact with the reading selection

5. Test Wise prepares students to be successful at standard tests

6. Focus on Summarizing builds students' summarizing strategy

7. Critical Thinking challenges students to reflect on the reading selection in various ways

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