Reading Challenge 3 + CD

Casey Malarcher

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Reading Challenge is a non-fiction reading series designed for high-beginner and intermediate EFL learners. Readings selected for the series present a wide range of topics dealing with interesting or unusual facts and current events. Vocabulary and grammatical structures have been carefully controlled and graded over the four levels of the series to allow students a comfortable progression from easily accessible readings to more challenging readings. Exercises in the series have been designed to practice reading and comprehension skills useful for students interested in test-taking strategies.

Reading Challenge is suitable for both classroom use and self-study, although students in the classroom will benefit from the additional activities presented in each unit focused on developing speaking, listening, and writing skills.

- Exercises designed to develop reading skills and basic vocabulary
- Common idiomatic expressions incorporated within each passage
- Extension activities that allow students further reflection on the topic
- Audio supplements to accompany each unit
- Exercises involving listening, speaking, and writing which will reinforce students' acquisition of language structure


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