Reading Clue 1 with Workbook + CD

Rebecca Cant

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Reading Clue is a three-level reading series for high beginners. This series helps students to read passages smoothly and quickly while understanding the main ideas presented in them. Reading Clue contains a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts combined with systematic activities. All readings are based on word lists that have been carefully selected to expand students' vocabulary and develop their reading fluency. Throughout Reading Clue, students will master the basic skills needed in reading comprehension. Engaging illustrations and reading passages with meaningful follow-up activities are designed to attract the interest of students and make learning enjoyable.


- Compelling, theme-based topics: to stimulate students' intellectual curiosity

- Meaningful vocabulary activities: to help students learn key words through engaging sentences and illustrations

- Emphasis on summarizing activities: to help students structure their thinking with graphic organizers and follow-up summarizing activities

- Attractive images: to maximize students' imagination

- Workbook for vocabulary and sentence practice: to expand students' vocabulary and allow them to review the reading passages


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